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About Preethi- Corporate

Starting out in the year 1978 Preethi Kitchen Appliances is today a dominant manufacturer of mixer grinders in every market it is present in India.


Preethi, India's largest Mixer Grinder brand and a leading Kitchen Appliances company has emphasized its strong presence in over 9 Million homes in India and abroad. The Preethi range of appliances, includes Mixer Grinders, Auto Cooker/Warmers, Induction Cook tops, Electric Pressure cookers, Wet Grinders, Coffee Makers, Kettles and Irons amongst others. The company has 7 manufacturing facilities spread across Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh.

The brand has grown from its modest beginning to become the market leader in Mixer-Grinder market. When a Chennai based company PKAL, launched by an enthusiastic, dedicated and committed team started producing nearly 20 mixer grinders a day within a limited work space, the brand ‘Preethi’ was born in 1978. Initially the brand had its network only in Chennai and a few areas around Tamil Nadu.

After 33 years of determination, innovation and hard work, Preethi has grown to establish No: 1 position in India. The brand which was famous only in South India had started to accentuate its foray in the national scene.

The company’s strong points are,

  • Research and Development
  • Innovative Products
  • Marketing strategy and
  • Service.

The philosophy at Preethi Kitchen Appliances Private Limited that governs the manufacturing processes is R & D driven by market feedback. The continuous research activity reveals plenty of insights on the company, regarding the product and also the buying behavior of the customer. One major insight about the company is the quality that is highly associated with the brand. Both the dealers and customers strongly associate quality and ruggedness to the brand. These insights have helped Preethi to further fine tune their product strategy.

The growth of the brand over the last 5 years has been phenomenal, due to the company’s vision. The company’s vision is “to improve the family’s quality of life through the superior quality and efficiency of our Kitchen Appliances”.

Some of the Key accomplishments in the recent past are,

  • Crossed over 1.5 Million Mixer Grinders in the year 2010-11.
  • India’s No.1 Mixer Grinder Brand - Francis Kanoi Research.
  • Growing at more than 25% per annum, YOY since year 2002.
  • India Export Council “Star Performer” Award each year from year 2006 onwards
  • ISO 9001-2008 certified for Quality Management System by Aug 1st week.

Preethi’s marketing strategy has been very aggressive, from the time the brand was recognized. Preethi regularly uses television to promote the brand. The protagonist in the Blue leaf platinum advt is a homemaker who guarantees the quality of the product. The tagline for this product is “I Guarantee”, which aids in re-positioning the brand perceptions and brand equity factors.

Preethi service, over the years has built trust and reliability, by ensuring relentless customer service and support. Today the company has established 83 customer care centers and 450 authorized service centers, serving close to 9 million customers across India and abroad. Preethi initiated many innovative programs through service centers.

Manufacturing, Quality & Innovation

The manufacturing practices at the company's manufacturing facilities are comprehensive and systematic from the inward inspection of vendors supplies to the in process systems and the final assembly.

Vendors to the company are extended partners so much so they participate in development and are in turn Preethi's quality control inspectors.

Every product current or under development carries the Preethi assurance of quality, the hallmark of the brand.

The philosophy at PKAL that governs the manufacturing processes is R & D driven by market feedback and continuous innovation.

Preethi works with top notch research and design houses to internalize feedback. Some of the innovations that have clearly catapulted Preethi to the top include:

The first to introduce

A 750W motor
Super extractor
Grind and store facility
Flexi Lid
Chip n' Salad Maker
Turbovent Technology
Secure Jar Lock
3 Point Lid Lock

Marketing, Sales & Distribution

The sales and distribution philosophy is no less unique.

The strength of Preethi's relationships with dealers and distributors is probably our biggest competitive advantage.

With over 93 Customer Care Centers, 103 Distributors and over 14000 dealer establishments; Preethi is a strong, enduring and loved brand in over 10 million homes across India and abroad.

Preethi works together with dealers in planning and promoting the sales effort. Dealers' volumes and values have grown exponentially.

Preethi remains focused on best practices and continuous audit of sales and distribution efficiencies.

Sales and service facilities are currently available in the US, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Preethi's innovative marketing efforts are built on solid foundations. There is operational use of marketing research as endorsed by Francis Kanoi Research India's leading durables research agency.

The in house ERP packages and effective marketing MIS that provides real time data for executive decision making.

Brand building, has always been one of Preethi's biggest strengths with a clear understanding of consumer behavior. Preethi has remained at the forefront in communication and packaging design.

Corporate Mission & Vision

The company relies on its core values of consumer trust, ethics in business practices and quality in products and services.

The mission at PKAL remains to improve the family's quality of life through the superior quality and efficiency of its Kitchen Appliances.

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