Preethi Touch 6 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

in Rice Cookers


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With the Preethi Touch take a step towards a healthy lifestyle and a smart kitchen. Our team of expert nutritionists and engineers have deciphered your everyday recipes to get the perfect taste and nutrition out of your food. Powered by Nutri++, this Electric Pressure Cooker ensures better absorption of nutrients by your body, giving your family wholesome nourishment. The 15 Indian pre-set menus allow everyone and anyone to become an expert chef with just a press of a button. So ditch your traditional aluminum pressure cookers and rice cookers, and bring home the Preethi Touch Electric Pressure Cooker to transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen.


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    • 5-In-1 Multifunctional appliance: Replaces 5 common appliances - rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, saute pan and warmer. Saves money and time.
    • Nutri++: Increases bioavailability of nutrients in the body. Ensures better absorption of nutrients and essential oils, and releases aromatic flavors.
    • Easy Cooking with 15 Pre-Set Menus: Anyone can cook with the pre-set menus with a touch of a button - Rice, khichdi, veg biryani, dal, rajma, soup, idli steam veg, cake pav bhaji, gajar halwa, veg curry, chicken, meat and saute
    • Consistent Results Every Time: The built in microprocessor sets and monitors the temperature, pressure and time to prepare healthy and tasty dishes. Ensures same taste, nutrition and aroma every time.
    • 9 Levels of Safety: Higher safety compared to aluminum pressure cooker and rice cooker. Pressure Limit Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Pressure Self Release, Anti-Jam Protection, Open & Close Lid Safety Device, Micro Switch for Open Guard, Pressure Control Safety Device, Temperature Limit Protection and Thermal Limit Protection.
    • Keep Warm Mode: Allows food to be kept warm for up to 4 hours (after cooking) till it is ready to be served.
    • Delay Timer: Allows you to set the time when you exactly want to begin cooking from 30 min to 8 hours. So, just pour your ingredients, set the timer and the cooking mode, finish your work and come back home for a freshly cooked hot meal.
    • Life-Long Free Service: Avail life-long free service at dedicated Preethi Customer Care Centres with Zero Labour and Zero Service Charges irrespective of warranty period.