Inspire 2 Burner Gas Stove

in Glass Top Gas Stoves

INR 8465.00


Salient Features
  • Saves 5 Days of Gas
    Industry leading thermal efficiency that helps you save 5 days of gas
  • Designed Glass Top
    Preethi Glass top gas stove comes with breath – taking patterns and it will transform any ordinary kitchen to a contemporary kitchen
  • Extendable Leg
    For the first time the gas stove will have Extendable legs, The extendable legs will increase the height of the gas stove, so that consumer can clean the kitchen slab without lifting the stove
  • Heavy Duty Brass Burners
    Blu Flame has one of the heaviest brass burners in the category makes cooking faster
  • Removable Drip tray
    Removable Drip tray similar to that of Stainless gas stove makes cleaning even more easier and convenient
  • Thermally Toughened Glass top
    8mm thick thermally toughened glass top makes it highly durable, long lasting and heat resistant
  • Sturdy Gas Knobs with Night Glow
    Sturdy and long lasting gas knobs and Night Glow enables the user to spot the knob even in darkness
  • Euro Coated Pan Support
    Highly quality enamel on pan support prevents corrosion of pan support
  • Reliability
    Two Year Warranty.
    Life Long Free Service
  • Mini Pan Support & Burner Cleaner


Technical Specifications
    • Model No. : Inspire – GTS 111
    • Type: 2 Burners
    • Burner Rating:


  g/hr Kcal/hr
Small 1 X 153 1 X 1662
Big 1 X 177 1 X 1930


    • Burner Material: Heavy Duty Brass Burner
    • Drip / Spill Trays Materials: Stainless Steel
    • Total Gas Input:
g/hr Kcal/hr
330 3592
  • Body Finish: Powder Coated
  • Gas: For use with LPG at 2.942 kN / m2 (30gf / cm2)(30gf / cm2)
  • Ignition System: Manual
  • Warranty: 2 Year