Zeal 3 Burner Gas Stove

in Glass Top Gas Stoves


  1. Description: Preethi Kitchen Appliances is known for its innovative and quality products introduces Preethi Zeal Glass Top Gas Stove with the first ever Triad Nozzle Design. With a 68%+ thermal efficiency, now save cooking gas and time and money at the same time. So make the smart choice and bring home the Preethi Zeal Gas Stove to transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen.


  1. Feature description (according to priority):
    • ISI Certified: The Zeal Gas Stove has been certified with the ISI mark for its guaranteed quality and authenticity.
    • +68%+ Thermal Efficiency For More Gas Saving-  Zeal comes with a unique air and LPG mixing technology that along with heavy brass burners gives a blue flame and results in saving more cooking gas, time and money.
    • Triple Inlet Gas Stove: The Triad Nozzle Design allows you to connect the gas tube from left, right or back. Your gas stove, your choice.
    • Accommodates Large Vessels: Ensure that your three burner gas stove is actually a three burner gas stove. (only for 3 burner Zeal Gas Stove) Sufficient space between the burners allows you to use 3 (2 in case of Zeal 2 Burner Gas Stove) large vessels simultaneously.
    • Thermally Toughened Glass: The heat resistant thermally toughened glass can bear high temperatures and is easy to clean

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